08.05.2013, PORTA UTOPIAS projection-area

new lab47/2013 assistants going into projection-space, copyright labor47


16.01.2013, lab47-lecture on neoprojection

lab47/2012-13 assistant searching for new space, 2013, copyright labor47


12.12.2012, SERE-LETTER received from “Intervention PORTA APERTA”

Curtains open, curtains fall in the middle of history.
City, snow.
Coldness surround us, white and freezy.
Sun is glittering, snowflakes become a mirror and light.
Give’ us the shining we need.
Words loud and clear, run into a public space.

Listen! Silence just for a minute.
An old lady comes, looks and goes through.
Curtains open, curtains fall, she leaves, never comes back.
Curtains open, curtains fall in the middle of an historic place. History becomes presence in the middle of us, in the middle of contrast, in the middle of strangeness, of people in white, people with words.

For whom?
We don’t know, they don’t know, knowbody knows, not yet, maybe later, maybe never?

So just open your eye, be quiet, listen and look.
This is future, this is past, history, presence.
This is lecture on projection.
In the middle of us, in the middle of you, in the middle of everybody.
But who knows, who cares, maybe a secret, maybe not?


05.12.2012, SERE-LETTER received from “Intervention ARENA DI AUGUSTA”

Step by step. Action: SCREAM IT OUT LOUD!

Coldness. Seeing dancing snowflakes in an antique atmosphere. You’re a part of it! Being connected in a different way and feeling the strong wind against your face. It hurts! Again, action: You are in the frame now. SCREAM IT OUT LOUD! Tell foreign people something, which means nothing.

Go on! SCREAM IT! It is your stage. It is always your stage…



18.11.2012, lab47-lecture on neoprojection

four lab47/2012-13 assistants working in “Kubricks Utopia”, 2012, copyright labor47 (hed/e)


07.11.2012, SERE-LETTER received from “Intervention ORIENT”

Jumping into another world. Seeing old traditions combined with a modern society. Click. Smelling the air filled with spices and foreignness. Harmony. Bitter taste. Click. Touching dark tables and drinking out of tiny glasses. Serious faces in closed rooms. Click, click. Just trying, why not? Love that difference… (hed/e)



31.10.2012, PORTA UTOPIAS growth-area

new lab47/2012-13 assistants in front of the growth-area, 2012, copyright  labor47 (ann/g)






18.07.2012, PORTA UTOPIAS wall-area

lab47/2012 assistants realized the WALL OF PORTA UTOPIA, 2012, copyright labor47





11.07.2012, lab47-lecture on neoprojection

two lab47/2012 assistants in “Kubricks Utopia”, 2012, copyright labor47 (ele/b)


 02.05.2012, PORTA UTOPIAS projection-area

new lab47/2012 assistants visiting the projection-area, 2012, copyright labor47





first lab47/2011-12 members, copyright labor47


Julien bei der Bemalung der Aussenfassade.

“Julien at work”, copyright labor47